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 Authorized Vietnam Shoulder Patches



Military Assistance Advisory Group

Military Assistance Command

US Army, Vietnam




Capital Military Assistance Command

(I Field Force)

II Field Force)


Can Tho area 1969-70



XXIV Corps

US Army Security Agency Group

US Army Engineer Command, Vietnam




Southeast Asia

US Army Medical Command

US Army Materiel Command


Mekong River Near Cao Lanh 1970



US Army Military Traffic Management and Terminal Service

Special Forces Group, (Airborne)

1st Aviation Brigade




1st Cavalry Division

1st Infantry Division

1st Logistical Command


Hai Van Pass Lang Co Peninsula



1st Signal Brigade

4th Infantry Division

4th Transportation Command



5th Infantry Division

5th Transportation Command

9th Infantry Division


West of Danang



11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

11th (Light) Infantry Brigade

15th Support Brigade



18th Engineer Brigade

18th Military Police Brigade

20th Engineer Brigade

  Mountain In Ha Tien



23rd Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division

44th Medical Brigade



82d Airborne Division

101st Airborne Division

124th Transportation Command

Flying Over Fish Hook



125th Transportation Command

173d Airborne Brigade

20th Engineer Brigade



196th (Light) Infantry Brigade

198th (Light) Infantry Brigade

199th (Light) Infantry Brigade

Flying Over The Rock Pile


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